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Impact Hub Oakland
November 3, 2019

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"The Global IMPACT of Hip Hop Dance"



With the CLNnow Multiverse Deck (a Qtpoc, global social/eco justice, tarot inspired, oracle deck), and the art of freestyle; we tap into the intuition, collective emergent strategies, and creative liberation as decolonizing and empowerment practices.

"Restor(y)ing the Multiverse

through Freestyle and Tarot"

Amani Will

Creative Liberation Network

Da Rap Nerd  epk1.jpg

This interactive session will explore the therapeutic and educational applications of Hip Hop beat making as illustrated by the work and model of Today's Future Sound (TFS). TFS is a non-profit, community-based organization serving Oakland and the Bay Area, as well as working across the globe teaching youth and training other organizations and institutions in its model.

"The Therapeutic and Educational Applications of Beat Making"

Da Rap Nerd

Today's Future Sound


To Emcee is to converse directly with collective human spirit. Emcees entertain yes. Emcee’s also educate, enlighten and some cases enslave, all with the power of their words and magnetism of their character. In this Workshop we will explore the art of MCing or moving the crowd, through critical critique and play!

"Emceeing: Post Modern Alchemy

and the Power of Auto Suggestion"

Do D.A.T



What's Your Super Power? How do you intend to impact this generation? What role will hip hop culture play in changing the world for the better? This Think Tank is an interactive, event-styled, meeting of the minds, designed to remove barriers of communication between inner city creatives, Empowering them to freely produce solutions that advance their community, and generate ideas that enhance their personal vision. We believe there’s power in the words we speak and if we truly desire to change our communities, we must start by changing our conversation with one another. This discussion may include: Art, Music, Poetry, Fashion, Dance, Video, Sculpting, Photography, Crafting, Food, Sports, Tech, Games, and more. Join The Conversation.

"Cre8ive Think Tank: How to Use Your Gifts and Talents To Change The World"

Ace Johnson

iVisionary Academy

Harry Weston.jpg

Hip Hop and Streetdance culture is based on experience. Creating and living within your life’s context, day by day, experiencing and struggling within the complex culture that is American society. From parties, to ciphers, to battles, to exchanges, to social connection, this dance culture has been created through living our lives. But how do you translate that to a classroom? To a studio setting? How do you bring cipher culture into inherently hierarchical spaces, with their own connotations of oppression, codification, and appropriation? Responsibly, effectively, and in a way that supports and evolves dance culture? We will begin by asking the question if it should be brought at all. Then, by looking more closely at the possibilities and risks of taking oral and embodied traditions out of their cultural context. Are there agreements we can make about responsibility, tradition, and evolution? And what about the role of the outsider, in the form of the classroom partner teacher, school administrator, studio owner, etc. And finally, we will look at the practical applications of what we do in the ciphers in our communities, and best practices our colleagues are using to effectively pass on the culture to the next generation. This breakout session is proposed as an open dialogue, with one facilitator posing guiding questions when necessary.

"Bringing Hip Hop and Streetdance Culture to the Classroom: Opportunities, Risks, and Possibilities"


Versa-Style Dance Company


Powered by the Love MoZaic

Hip Hop and its practitioners are not separated from our modern day society, with all the good and the bad that it entails. But Hip Hop can be an outlet, a way to get release, or a mental escape from the struggles each individual face. The community also offers a support system fueled by a shared common interest that can take form through music, art, scholarship, fashion, or in this case, dance.

In a continued effort to break the stigma around mental health, the BEATS & MINDS Hip Hop conference has collaborated with the Love MoZaic, an initiative founded by Bgirl Sha Boogie of the Renegade Rockers Crew.

This exhibition style battle will feature some of the best dancers in the Bay Area, representing a variety of freestyle-based dance styles such as Breaking, Popping, House, Turfing and more. Before the battle goes down, we will screen a video compilation featuring interviews with each invited dancer, where they will share their personal story on how their relationship with dance & Hip Hop has affected their mental health.


(Versa-Style, Total Chaos)

Nurse Boogy

(Mixd Ingrdnts, Sisterz of the Underground, Extra Credit Kru, Brasil Style Bgirls

Dopey Fresh

(Knuckle Neck Tribe, Unknown)

Marthy MacFlyy

(Renegade Rockers)


(Circle of Fire, Soulshifters, Terra Tusk, Sour Patch)

Prince Ali

(Playboyz Inc., Renegade Rockers)

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