Gift ideas in 2018 for the Hip Hop Head in your life!

It's about that time of the year where many of us start stressing about what gifts to get our loved ones. Except I'm over here daydreaming about the type of gifts I would like to be on the receiving end of, because homies, I can't help but to want some dope stuff that I'll truly cherish! So I'd thought I'd share what is essentially my wish list, but very likely to be applicable to the Hip Hop head in your life. Whatever holidays you celebrate, most of these ideas will work for you, even if you just want to appreciate some cool peoples you know. So let's get into it!


The Roots Crew Holiday Sweatshirt

Let's start with the most seasonal item on the list! The Roots first released their version of the ugly Christmas sweater in 2013, and I have been hinting that I've been wanting one since then so I can wear it for the one month a year when it's relevant because it's just so nice! I'd pair it with listening to"Act Too (Love of My Life)" for maximum Roots vibe.


This day in Hip Hop history

Great way to brush up on your history is to learn about it from someone who's lived it for 30-something years, and who is a known Hip Hop icon. Chuck D's book delivers daily facts spanning from 1973-2016, and in his own words is "a mandatory must-have to dispel the myths about the most powerful genres the recent world has known". A great source of knowledge for the fifth element head and a great conversation piece for the coffee table. I would provide a link, but here's to hoping you can find it a your local bookstore instead of the billionaire-owned online stores. Should run just about $20-25 either way, which feels like a good deal!


The King Of Beats Vinyl Boxset -

Ma Dukes Yancey Collector's Edition

(or anything Dilla Related)

You can never go wrong with J Dilla-related gift! At first I was looking for the little Dilla figures, but they're all sold out (unless you get luck on Ebay). Then I came across this box set and I started nerding out until I realized it was also out of stock. I mean, the wood box itself is made to look like Jay Dee's own SP-1200 drum machine, and was put together by Ma Dukes herself, and that's not even getting to the music yet. You can sign up to receive an email if they get more in stock on or get one from resellers on discogs. But I'm settling at that anything Dilla when it comes to gifts will be appreciated.


Wu-Tang Welcome Mat

How do we let peoples know when they come into our home that it's a Hip Hop Haven, and as such, their sneakers need to be wiped off before entering our sacred space? Problem solved! Imagine the face of your loved one as they unwrap their gift and find what they never they wanted before seeing it? The Wu-Tang welcome mat has now become integral to their home decor, and you will always be invited.


Donation to a Hip Hop Non-Profit

Gifts don't necessarily have to be products for them to be appreciated. I wanted to throw this in as there are so many great people out there working for the betterment of our community, so why not consideration making a donation on behalf of someone else? Gift someone you appreciate and give back to the community!

Update: Check out our 2019 #GivingTuesday post for good good list of great great Hip Hop orgs!


Hip Hop Family Tree

For the Hip Hop fanatic in your life who also loves comic books, this one is a given! Written and illustrated by Ed Piskor, the Hip Hop Family Tree comics focus on the early days of Hip hop. You can order from the publisher's (Fantagraphics) website, and either get a full volume set or the issues you think your homie might like the most.


DJ Classes from Scratch DJ Academy

We all have friends who lowkey have been wishing to learn how to DJ, while continuously providing us with dope playlists, so why not help them in their journey of becoming official sound selectas? The Scratch DJ Academy was founded in New York in 2002 by Run-D.M.C's Jam Master Jay (not long before his tragic murder), and has since expanded to Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago. If you live in one of those cities, look into getting a gift card from their website, or see if where classes can be taken in your area.


When the Beat Was Born

Gotta get something for the younger ones too! Never too early to get them on some real culture, and finding the fun in learning with inspiring illustrations. "When the Beat Was Born" teaches the youngins about Cindy Campbell's back-to-school party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in 1973. A party that featured her brother Clive A.K.A. DJ Kool Herc on the decks. A party that has lived on since.


GoodWood Cement Lid Jewelry Box

This one is for the sneaker heads! Although they can't fit their sneakers in it, they can fit their favorite jewelry in this beautifully crafted wooden box. Pair it with a matching bracelet from Rastaclat and you'll have a homie for life.


Let us know if you like these tips, and share your own in the comments. Happy gifting!